• Meet The Postman Who Walked Through Forest Every Day To Deliver Mail

    A movie named ‘Thabalkaran’ portrayed his incredible life story.

    A brave former postman from Tamil Nadu is being hailed as a hero for his dedication to his job. D. Sivan who retired last year used to trek 15 kilometers every day to deliver mails to the remotest corners of the Niligiri hills.


    The elderly postman used to deliver mails and pension in the remotest areas in the forests near Singara and Marapallam. Sivan used to trek 15km from the Hillgrove Post Office near Coonor.


    During his journey of being a postman, Sivan did his duty wholeheartedly. On his trek to the homes in remote areas, the postman braved thick forest, elephants and several other wild animals. Nothing could stop him from doing his duty.

    Sivan joined the Indian postal service as a stamp collector at Wellington, in 1985. He became a mail man in 2010, embarking a journey of challenging treks and made sure to fulfil his task right up to his retirement without taking a single day leave.

    The postman took his job very seriously and even on occasions where the person was not home, he would go find wherever they were to deliver the letter.

    Sivan made sure to travel across the terrain to the recipient even when there was only one mail.

    He retired on March 7, 2020, and his story was shared with the world on the same day. A movie named ‘Thabalkaran’ portrayed his incredible life story.

    Sivan’s dedication to his duty made him a social media sensation and he said that the love and appreciation of the people was the only thing which made him do his work even after facing so many problems. 

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