• Meghalaya's Whistling Village-Kongthong Selected For Entry To UNWTO ‘Best Tourism Village'

    The highest living root bridge, Jingkieng Myor, is also found in Khat-ar-shnong.

    Meghalaya’s whistling village, Kongthong has been selected for entry to UNWTO (The World Tourism Organization) 'Best Tourism Village' along with two other villages of the country by the Ministry of Tourism.

    Kongthong, a small village nestled in the Khat-ar Shnong area on way to Sohra in East Khasi Hills is popular among tourists for its ancient tradition 'Jingrwai Iawbei'—where a mother composes lullaby for its newborn baby that becomes a unique identity of the child for life, instead of a name. However, the lullaby has no words and is just is a tune that only the villagers are able to recognise and remember.

    The other two villages selected for entry are Pochampally of Telangana and Ladhpura Khas in Madhya Pradesh.

    Reportedly, the valley region in East Khasi Hills, Khat-ar-shnong, has several other villages where people call each other by a tune and talk through whistling, apart from Kongthong.

    The highest living root bridge, Jingkieng Myor, is also found in Khat-ar-shnong that connects two granite cliffs with the rushing Wah Sohra river more than a hundred feet below.

    Many other prominent tourist spots are in the valley, such as Mawrah viewpoint, Khrang village, Dewlieh among others, according to the Meghalaya Tourism site.

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