• Nagaland's Sweet Cucumber Gets GI Tag

    Nagaland's tree tomato and king chilly are already GI tagged.

    Nagaland’s Sweet Cucumber has acquired the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

    Taking it to Twitter, Advisor to State Chief Minister Abu Metha confirmed, "The delicious Naga Sweet Cucumber has been granted, GI Tag.”

    Metha also mentioned about the other two crops of the state - Tree Tomato and the Naga King Chilly – that are already GI tagged.

    “Positive move to strengthen our farmers and spread #NagaSoftPower,” he said.

    The GI tag indication identifies goods as produced from a particular area that has special quality attributable to its geographical origin.

    It may be mentioned that North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC) applied for the GI tag for Naga Cucumber in April 2018.

    While ‘King Chilly’ was the first to receive the GI tag during April 2008-March 2009, the Naga tree tomato received the tag during April 2014-March 2015.

    Cucumber has been traditionally cultivated by Naga farmers in their Jhum fields as a mixed crop mainly during the Kharif season (April –May). It is one of the important crops in 'Jhum' cultivation. This is primarily grown as a cash crop along with paddy. However, the ‘off-season’ cucumbers from different districts of the Nagaland especially from the Mokokchung district have gained much popularity within the state and now it has become a trend amongst the farmers in the district.

    Many different local varieties of cucumber are soft, juicy and have a sweet taste are grown throughout Nagaland. Naga cucumbers are a kind of fruit that differ in taste, shape and size from those available in other parts of India.

    It is one of the major vegetable crops of the North Eastern States of India, while Nagaland ranks 5th in area and 3rd in production of Cucumber in the North Eastern States. Cucumber in Nagaland occupies 6 per cent of the total vegetable area of the state with a 9 per cent share in production.

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