• Anand Mahindra Pledges Support To Manipuri Boy Who Built An 'Iron Man' Suit From Scrap

    Prem had the vision to build an Iron Man suit for a long time but he couldn't do it as he lacked resources

    Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra is awestruck by a Manipuri boy who made an Iron Man suit from scratch using electronic scraps. He is in so much awe that he has decided to support the boy's talent.

    The leading businessman tweeted that his team is very keen on helping the 21-year-old Ningombam Prem's career and facilitate his and his siblings' education. He also shared a video of the young boy where you can see the boy's talent on September 20. Sharing the video, Mahindra said that it would be a privilege to assist him and his siblings in their education. Days later, he shared another tweet stating that his team has visited Prem's residence and took a closer look at his desires.

    Prem had the vision to build an Iron Man suit for a long time but he couldn't do it as he lacked resources. His mother, who is a single parent to him and his siblings has a roadside food stall that barely helps them to make ends meet.  

    Despite his interest to learn Mechanical engineering, he is studying Fine Arts in a college in Imphal due to his financial status. However, his love for Marvel made him take notes from Hollywood movies and the internet to build the remote control operated suit.

    His love for Iron Man started when he was 10-years-old and he watched his first movie. He later built the same replica of the suit using cardboard and electronic waste which went crazy viral on the internet. He had also planned on selling his designs to fund his siblings' education. But, little did he know, help was coming towards him in the form of Mahindra.
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