Businessman’s Wife Accuses Him Of Killing Satish Kaushik Over Rs 15 Crore

Late actor, director Satish Kaushik's death case has taken a new turn.

Satish Kaushik

ND24 Web Desk | Published : 2023-03-12

Late actor, director Satish Kaushik's death case has taken a new turn. The farmhouse where Satish had the party is owned by Vikas Malu of the Kuber Group. Malu’s wife has made shocking allegations in Kaushik’s death case. Sanvi Malu has alleged that “it was my husband who killed Kaushik”. Sanvi wrote a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner in this matter. 

Sanvi wrote that Vikas had a dispute with Satish over Rs 15 crore. Claimed that Satish and Vikas are old friends. Once abroad, Satish came to collect his Rs 15 crore from Vikas, but there was an argument between the two. Vikas avoided the matter by saying that he would pay later. 

Sanvi alleges that Vikas must have fed wrong medicines to Satish so that he would not have to pay. 

According to reports, a senior police officer had said that they have recovered some medicines from the farmhouse in Delhi where the 66-year-old actor had attended a party before his death, reportedly due to cardiac arrest.


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